Hair Extensions: many ideas, new trends

The Hair Extensions, very popular over the past few years, praise many different techniques of application.

Hair additions to add volume and/or length to one’s Hair, in real or synthetic fiber, there is so much to know about Hair Extensions before going to the hairdresser!

Once you have decided to wear Hair Extensions, make sure that they are of the best quality, specifically, Indian. When imported to Europe Indian Hair undergoes strict European standards controls.

Once you are assured about the Hair quality of the Extensions, you will then decide the method of application that suits your needs best.

You can opt for a semi-permanent method, such as keratin’s one, which consist in bonding the Hair Extentions with your own Hair by using a keratin tip. This method has a lifespan of 5 months, if well installed and maintained.

If you are just looking for a temporary change, you can opt for “micro ring Hair Extensions”, which are applied by using mini rings onto the Hair and will last approximately 3 months.

For a practical daily solution, if you prefer to wear the Extensions on special occasions only, you can opt for the more affordable and easy to apply “clip-in Hair Extensions”. The market offers many products for this application method. We highly recommend you not to buy a cheap item though, you may notice that the Hair Extensions compared to your natural Hair may not match.

For a different style, you can opt for the Brazilian Weft Hair Extension’s technique, where the strand is tied directly to the natural Hair, which consist in creating cornrow braids where the Extensions are sewn on.

Once you have chosen the method that suits you best, remember to take care of your Extensions by brushing your Hair often in order to avoid knot formation and using proper products for your Hair type.

Last but not least, always remember to buy Hair Extensions exclusively produced by following strict ethical principles and standards.

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