Summer is coming … and dry Hair too!

You can’t wait for summer to come, to go to the beach and get a perfect tan …. but every year when you come back from your holidays your Hair looks dry and worn out?

If you follow some golden rules you will bring your Hair back to life.

First, do not dye or bleach your Hair aggressively before summer, this way you will avoid “the straw effect” due to sun exposure.

If you really cannot avoid Hair dyeing, try to do it a few weeks before holidays and follow the golden rules for Hair protection below.

– Use a Hair sunscreen, sprays are definitely the most practical and fast solution when you are at the beach.

– After bathing, especially if you are at the pool, remember to rinse your Hair to prevent it from drying out and losing shine.

– Nourish you Hair. A leave-in balm is ideal for damaged Hair, it does not need to be rinsed, it helps untangle knots and protect the Hair tips with a protective patina.

After a day at the beach, it is recommended to remove salt and sweat residues by shampooing.

According to your needs, a couple of times a week, you can opt for a Hair mask (moisturizing, protective, detangling, nourishing).

Summer is great also because gives you the chance to make your Hair dry naturally in the sun. Take advantage of this opportunity and avoid unnecessary stress with Hair dryer and hot tools.

Finally, if you have had Hair Extensions applied, just gather your Hair in a ponytail or soft braid before swimming and remember to wash it carefully and regularly.

After this tips roundup for your Hair, you are now ready for the deserved vacation!

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