Hair extensions: Which are the best and which ones to choose.

From Beyoncé to Chiara Ferragni, everyone wears them.
Used to enhance a particular hairstyle for the evening or to hide a disaster, more and more stars resort to hair extensions.
How many of us at least once in our lives weren’t completely satisfied by the haircut from their hairdresser, or regretted that d-i-y bleaching?

Which extension choose between keratin Weave or Clip?
The extension’s choice changes based on the result you would like to gain:
If you’re going to choose the keratin ones, the double-sided taped, the clip or the weave always remember to choose real Indian or Russian hair.
Human hair makes the final look amazing thanks to their volume, the natural look, but also because anytime you’d want to change their color the result will be very much realistic.
The extensions are divided in Remye and not-Remy. The first ones are composed of locks which have the hair disposed one by one by its natural direction (root-ends) and so they obviously have the cuticle in the same direction.

Keratin extensions: pros and cons of this technique.
Keratin’s extensions are the most used and famous ones, medium time of application goes around 3 hours, the price at hairdressers can go from 300 up to 600 euros, to make a full head it takes from 100 up to 200 locks, and they last ca. 6 months and are not reusable. If you like voluminous blow-dries, curls and waves like a star this model of extension is definitely the most recommended.

The weaving, pros and cons of this technique:
The weaving extensions are sewn through braids where the stripes of hair are inserted, they last long, more or less 4-6 months based on how fast the hair grows. They are reusable. You have to be careful when you dry them because the braid that holds the hair could remain humid. The price is more convenient, ca. 200/250 euros, and the medium time of application is 2 hours. The hair are really heavy altogether due to that sometimes the blow-dries with curls tend to last less than usual, but nobody’s gonna notice that you’re wearing extensions if the execution was made from professionals.

Perfect hair in 10 minutes with clips.
The clips are the longest solution and got the easiest applications. You only have to get a bit of manuality and the result WOW hair is guaranteed! You can take them off at the end of the day, all of that in a few seconds. If you take care of them they last forever.

The double-sided tape extensions:
It’s useless saving on extensions: if you’ve decided to buy them, only buy high quality extensions or at the first washing the result would be very delusional and could damage your hair.
The double-sided tape extensions can be put in 60 minutes and they last ca. 3 months, the price is accessible and the effect is voluminous and natural at the same time, the locks have a thickness of 4cm which is why you’re gonna need less packages, generally to reach a full effect you’re gonna need 7 packages.

Useful tips: do not save on your hair’s health, take care of your extension with moisturizers masks at least once a week, do not abuse with your hair dryer, don’t wash your hair upside down and brush them every evening with delicacy.