Yes, even the scalp, like face and body, needs to get rid of impurities and polluting particles.

Furthermore, prepping the Hair for the summer is essential to avoid making it even drier and dull, already weakened by smog and pollution from an entire year.

There are many innovations in the field of Hair Beauty essential for the care of our Hair, from masks to scrubs, up to sprays.

In recent years, detox shampoos have caught the attention of consumers. These products – to be alternated with daily shampoos – are essential especially for those who live in large urban centers, with higher exposure to pollution factors.

Among the natural products that meet the needs of our Hair, we mention vitamin E and orange extract, which help defend the Hair from oxidative stress; Argan oil, linseed oil, and macadamia oil, as well as shea butter, all very rich nourishing elements.

For the daily Hair maintenance, there is the Scalp Scrub, which is a beauty treatment for a healthy scalp able to eliminate the dead cells.

When your Hair looks dirty shortly after washing it, or weak and damaged, it’s the perfect time for an effective peel.

The scrub is a good detox treatment to eliminate excess sebum, rebalancing the epidermis that will be clean and healthy, with proper oxygenation of the tissues, normalized sebum production, stronger and more elastic Hair and with stimulation of cells renewal.

Many fun “homemade” recipes can be prepared for your perfect home scrub scalp.

The balm is the basic ingredient for your preparation (about 4 tablespoons), mixed with two tablespoons of sugar cane and a few drops of tea tree oil. The mixture should be applied to wet Hair and massaged for at least 15 minutes with light circular movements.

The result? Bright Hair very soft at the touch, without traces of impurities and oils, for a healthy head.