Yes, even the scalp, like face and body, needs to get rid of impurities and polluting particles.

Furthermore, prepping the Hair for the summer is essential to avoid making it even drier and dull, already weakened by smog and pollution from an entire year.

There are many innovations in the field of Hair Beauty essential for the care of our Hair, from masks to scrubs, up to sprays.

In recent years, detox shampoos have caught the attention of consumers. These products – to be alternated with daily shampoos – are essential especially for those who live in large urban centers, with higher exposure to pollution factors.

Among the natural products that meet the needs of our Hair, we mention vitamin E and orange extract, which help defend the Hair from oxidative stress; Argan oil, linseed oil, and macadamia oil, as well as shea butter, all very rich nourishing elements.

For the daily Hair maintenance, there is the Scalp Scrub, which is a beauty treatment for a healthy scalp able to eliminate the dead cells.

When your Hair looks dirty shortly after washing it, or weak and damaged, it’s the perfect time for an effective peel.

The scrub is a good detox treatment to eliminate excess sebum, rebalancing the epidermis that will be clean and healthy, with proper oxygenation of the tissues, normalized sebum production, stronger and more elastic Hair and with stimulation of cells renewal.

Many fun “homemade” recipes can be prepared for your perfect home scrub scalp.

The balm is the basic ingredient for your preparation (about 4 tablespoons), mixed with two tablespoons of sugar cane and a few drops of tea tree oil. The mixture should be applied to wet Hair and massaged for at least 15 minutes with light circular movements.

The result? Bright Hair very soft at the touch, without traces of impurities and oils, for a healthy head.

Hair extensions: Which are the best and which ones to choose.

From Beyoncé to Chiara Ferragni, everyone wears them.
Used to enhance a particular hairstyle for the evening or to hide a disaster, more and more stars resort to hair extensions.
How many of us at least once in our lives weren’t completely satisfied by the haircut from their hairdresser, or regretted that d-i-y bleaching?

Which extension choose between keratin Weave or Clip?
The extension’s choice changes based on the result you would like to gain:
If you’re going to choose the keratin ones, the double-sided taped, the clip or the weave always remember to choose real Indian or Russian hair.
Human hair makes the final look amazing thanks to their volume, the natural look, but also because anytime you’d want to change their color the result will be very much realistic.
The extensions are divided in Remye and not-Remy. The first ones are composed of locks which have the hair disposed one by one by its natural direction (root-ends) and so they obviously have the cuticle in the same direction.

Keratin extensions: pros and cons of this technique.
Keratin’s extensions are the most used and famous ones, medium time of application goes around 3 hours, the price at hairdressers can go from 300 up to 600 euros, to make a full head it takes from 100 up to 200 locks, and they last ca. 6 months and are not reusable. If you like voluminous blow-dries, curls and waves like a star this model of extension is definitely the most recommended.

The weaving, pros and cons of this technique:
The weaving extensions are sewn through braids where the stripes of hair are inserted, they last long, more or less 4-6 months based on how fast the hair grows. They are reusable. You have to be careful when you dry them because the braid that holds the hair could remain humid. The price is more convenient, ca. 200/250 euros, and the medium time of application is 2 hours. The hair are really heavy altogether due to that sometimes the blow-dries with curls tend to last less than usual, but nobody’s gonna notice that you’re wearing extensions if the execution was made from professionals.

Perfect hair in 10 minutes with clips.
The clips are the longest solution and got the easiest applications. You only have to get a bit of manuality and the result WOW hair is guaranteed! You can take them off at the end of the day, all of that in a few seconds. If you take care of them they last forever.

The double-sided tape extensions:
It’s useless saving on extensions: if you’ve decided to buy them, only buy high quality extensions or at the first washing the result would be very delusional and could damage your hair.
The double-sided tape extensions can be put in 60 minutes and they last ca. 3 months, the price is accessible and the effect is voluminous and natural at the same time, the locks have a thickness of 4cm which is why you’re gonna need less packages, generally to reach a full effect you’re gonna need 7 packages.

Useful tips: do not save on your hair’s health, take care of your extension with moisturizers masks at least once a week, do not abuse with your hair dryer, don’t wash your hair upside down and brush them every evening with delicacy.

Diva Hair, fashion Hair in 2019

Are you thinking to change your look? Every year the autumn season brings with it novelties and anticipations that will accompany us during the course of the next year.

2019 will satisfy the tastes of long Hair lovers by proposing the so-called Diva Hair: a wavy hairstyle, a vintage style, suitable for any type of face and ideal for a natural brown Hair color. We will hear a lot about the Diva Hair, which apparently already enjoys an excellent reputation among celebrities.

Over the coming year we will also see wavy short haircuts: goodbyestyle cuts, medium lengths or regular geometric shapes. Go-ahead with jagged cuts, very short haircut in boyish style, and parted in the middle. Yes to fringes and tuft tufted in combination with lobs and wispy layered wobs.

Summer is coming … and dry Hair too!

You can’t wait for summer to come, to go to the beach and get a perfect tan …. but every year when you come back from your holidays your Hair looks dry and worn out?

If you follow some golden rules you will bring your Hair back to life.

First, do not dye or bleach your Hair aggressively before summer, this way you will avoid “the straw effect” due to sun exposure.

If you really cannot avoid Hair dyeing, try to do it a few weeks before holidays and follow the golden rules for Hair protection below.

– Use a Hair sunscreen, sprays are definitely the most practical and fast solution when you are at the beach.

– After bathing, especially if you are at the pool, remember to rinse your Hair to prevent it from drying out and losing shine.

– Nourish you Hair. A leave-in balm is ideal for damaged Hair, it does not need to be rinsed, it helps untangle knots and protect the Hair tips with a protective patina.

After a day at the beach, it is recommended to remove salt and sweat residues by shampooing.

According to your needs, a couple of times a week, you can opt for a Hair mask (moisturizing, protective, detangling, nourishing).

Summer is great also because gives you the chance to make your Hair dry naturally in the sun. Take advantage of this opportunity and avoid unnecessary stress with Hair dryer and hot tools.

Finally, if you have had Hair Extensions applied, just gather your Hair in a ponytail or soft braid before swimming and remember to wash it carefully and regularly.

After this tips roundup for your Hair, you are now ready for the deserved vacation!

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Hair Rings, because rings are not only for fingers

Do you like to have fun with your Hair and create many different hairstyles ?

You can’t go without the “must have” Hair accessories this summer 2018! We are talking about the Hair Rings, rings that can be also applied on braids for the most extravagant hairstyles.

Many stars have already shown their interest – (fantastic the look of J. Lo) – as well as many shows at the latest international exhibitions.

A few years ago the Hair accessories were supposed to be hidden and were used only in black or brown colors, now the essential thing is to make them clearly visible.

The most fascinating thing is not the Hair ring itself, but all the related accessories: feathers, rhinestones, pendants, beads and small bells which ring with each movement of the head.

There is a little something for everyone’s taste and style with a bit of imagination.

What is certain is that this summer you will not go unnoticed!

Hair Extensions: many ideas, new trends

The Hair Extensions, very popular over the past few years, praise many different techniques of application.

Hair additions to add volume and/or length to one’s Hair, in real or synthetic fiber, there is so much to know about Hair Extensions before going to the hairdresser!

Once you have decided to wear Hair Extensions, make sure that they are of the best quality, specifically, Indian. When imported to Europe Indian Hair undergoes strict European standards controls.

Once you are assured about the Hair quality of the Extensions, you will then decide the method of application that suits your needs best.

You can opt for a semi-permanent method, such as keratin’s one, which consist in bonding the Hair Extentions with your own Hair by using a keratin tip. This method has a lifespan of 5 months, if well installed and maintained.

If you are just looking for a temporary change, you can opt for “micro ring Hair Extensions”, which are applied by using mini rings onto the Hair and will last approximately 3 months.

For a practical daily solution, if you prefer to wear the Extensions on special occasions only, you can opt for the more affordable and easy to apply “clip-in Hair Extensions”. The market offers many products for this application method. We highly recommend you not to buy a cheap item though, you may notice that the Hair Extensions compared to your natural Hair may not match.

For a different style, you can opt for the Brazilian Weft Hair Extension’s technique, where the strand is tied directly to the natural Hair, which consist in creating cornrow braids where the Extensions are sewn on.

Once you have chosen the method that suits you best, remember to take care of your Extensions by brushing your Hair often in order to avoid knot formation and using proper products for your Hair type.

Last but not least, always remember to buy Hair Extensions exclusively produced by following strict ethical principles and standards.