Indian Remy 100% pure Quality

SEISETA, for it’s Extensions, uses as well Indian 100% pure quality Remy Hair.

In India, in the Hindu temples, women and men donates their Hair as a offering to their God for good auspicious. Hindu monks use the money derived from the sale of Hair for the maintenance of the Temples and the constructions of social projects such as Hospitals and Schools.

It is a real ritual, a sort of pilgrimage to the Temple from very distant villages. According to an ancient belief, the god Visnu, after being hit on the head by an axe, lost a part of his Hair. The angel Nila Devi offered him a lock of hers. A gesture so much appreciated by Visnù that, to show her gratitude, she decided to satisfy the wishes of anyone who had offered her their Hair as a gift. An ancient tradition that pushes the Hindus of every casts to donate their Hair to the deities at least once in their lives in exchange for an answer to their prayers.

Once reached the temple, both women and men with long Hairs climb the stairs to reach the large rooms called “places of happiness”, where hundreds of barbers dressed in white sit next to each other with the faith at their feet and a endless line of people in front of them. The shaving is very fast, the collected Hair is knotted at one end and put aside.

Indian women and men, especially in the South, have never treated their Hair with chemicals: this is why it’s called “Virgins Hair”. They do not use shampoos, comb their Hair very often and use only natural ingredients and oils to obtain a silk effect for their Hair. This explains the wonderful results and the excellent quality of the extensions made with this type of Hair.

The Indian Hair is characterized by a structure with a bean-shaped stem, strong and wavy, which gives volume and mass to the Hair. This Hair has the characteristic of keeping itself soft and silky to the touch.

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