Keratin Fusion Russian

Keratin Fusion Russian

These precious Russian Hair Extensions are made of 100% Remy premium quality Russian natural Hair with keratin application system. Russian hair quality is also known as "Russian Gold": Smooth and silky, is the rarest and precious type of hair available in the world.


Product line
100% RUSSIAN Remy Hair 100% RUSSIAN Remy Hair
Single Drawn System Single Drawn System
Cuticles Intact Cuticles Intact
Silicones free Silicones free
3D Colors 3D Colors
Very light shades of blond Very light shades of blond
Long lasting application Long lasting application


One of the reasons Russian hair looks so beautiful is that the women in the villages where this hair is collected don't use bleach or perm. This allows their hair to grow very long, silky, healthy and shiny.

Remy hair is collected and sorted so that the root and tip are in the same direction, so that the cuticle isn't knotted or matted. In this way, the hair extensions look great even after several washes.

Keratin is a natural product used in many products to strengthen and add volume to the hair. In keratin or pre-bonded hair extensions, the strands are applied to the client's hair by heating a keratin bond, which is then clamped in place with special peers to ensure long-lasting application.

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