What's Russian hair? And why are they used for hair extensions?

feb 10, 2021 / Hair Beauty Trends

what is russian hair and why are used for hair extensions

One of the most popular questions around Hair Extension concerns the hair quality and origins of the hair and the answer of most of these FAQ is often russian hair, but why is this hair so special, rare and expensive?
Starting from the concept that when we talk about natural hair we refer only to natural hair 100% Remy, there are a lot of hair source in terms of localization in the world map but there are just few valuable hair qualities that we can take in consideration thanks to the strength of the virgin hair or for the extremely softness of the single hair itself.

Between the huge hair races there are the russian hair that come from Europe that are the rarest and the most silk and soft in the world, this quality is known also as European or caucasican hair. Being rare and hard to find in the world there aren’t so many companies able to produce Hair Extensions with this special quality, properly because their cost is expensive starting from the raw material. But what makes russian hair very special are their structure, indeed they have a circular stem which makes them extremely smooth, shiny and silky, very easy to comb! Another point of strength of this quality is about the hair color range because it is the only one capable of offering extra light blond as the scandinavian blond or the whitest ones.

Russian hair better than indian?

There isn’t a unique answer to this question because every need and every single situation could be suitable for indian or russian hair based on different points of view. Indian hair are perfect for those who want extra volume because this kind of hair has a structure with a bean stem, naturally wavy and thick, with a color range that goes to darker shades such as brunette or chestnut, even if we can always treat them with color and decoloration to reach the color the most similar to our natural one.

hair extension 100& remy natural human indian hair ombre degrade chestnut color

Russian hair instead could be chosen if a client wants to have straight hair and easy to handle everyday or if someone should match a very light color without using any chemical color that could damage the hair strand.

blonde hair extensions with russian hair

Keratin and Tape Russian Hair Extensions

Unlike indian hair that we can find in every single Hair Extensions system such as clip-in, weft, etc, Russian hair, especially SEISETA Premium Russian Hair, are available only in Keratin and Tape systems. The first one is the most used and popular in the world, known also as russian hair “fusion”, “hot fusion” or “individuals” with russian quality, and it consists in an application where each little single strand of hair is “melted” on the natural one.

Tape Russian instead are known also as “cold fusion” because in this kind of system there aren’t any “hot” tools to apply the fix bonds but every strand has a tape on the root to apply directly on the head just with the help of a professional pliers.

keratin russian hair grey 100 remy natural human luxury professional quality

How long does Russian hair last?

The longevity of every Hair Extensions application is based on a lot of attention that starts from the choice of the right stylist. Indeed a good result depends on the right application and maintenance. It’s extremely important also to take care of your hair with Hair Extensions on more than when you have your natural hair only, so avoid to wash too frequently, just 2 times a week, use specific shampoo and conditioners to let both hairs be silky and moisturized and be careful with chemical products and tools used too hot!

specific shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions

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