Hair extensions application systems

dic 20, 2022 / Hair Beauty Trends

Extensions Application Systems

What are the application systems of hair extensions?
There are mainly five types of application systems:
- hot application with keratin
- application with double-sided adhesive tape
- clip application
- application with micro rings
- sew-in application

Keratin hair extensions
Keratin hair extensions are characterized by a keratin nail to which the hair is anchored in strands. The application is done with a special hot tool that melts the keratin so that it can be hooked to the base of the client's natural hair using special pliers.
The application lasts an hour or an hour and a half and is most resistant over time and to stress: for example, it's ideal for a very active and sporting lifestyle. One application of keratin hair extensions can last over six months: After removal with special solvents, the hair cannot be reused.

Hair extensions with biadhesive (tape-in)
In hair extensions with double-sided adhesive, the hair strands are attached to a thin adhesive strip that is attached to the root of the client's natural hair. The application is done with a fixing clamp in a simple and quick way (in 20 minutes a basic application is possible).
An application of hair extensions with double-sided tape can last about three months: After removal with special solvents, the hair can be reused up to three times by simply replacing the double-sided tape before reapplying. There is also an invisible version for more volume and color effects.

Hair extensions with clips
In hair extensions with clips, the hair strands are anchored to clips that are attached to the client's natural hair without chemicals or adhesives. This is the fastest application system and can be installed and removed in a few minutes, even at the client's home. It's usually used just for temporary needs like events etc. Clip-in hair extensions don't have a set duration, but they can last for many years if taken care of. For more volume and colour effects, there is an invisible version that uses micro clothespins.

Hair extensions with rings (micro rings)
In hair extensions with rings, the extension strands are attached to the client's natural strands with metal rings pressed with special pliers. This system takes some time to be mounted, but is quite durable (up to 6 months). After disassembly, the hair can be reused by replacing the rings for a new application. In flat-tip versions, the tips of the curls to be attached have a flat section for a better aesthetic result.

Weft hair extensions
In weft hair extensions, the hair is sewn together into a single strand of variable width, which is then attached to the client's hairline with metal rings, keratin/hot keratin nails, clips or invisible thread. It's a long-lasting and reusable system. For a full colour or volume effect, the top of the head is usually completed with double-sided tape or keratin.


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