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Straight Weft Hair - Ombre Colors

Straight Weft Hair - Highlights & Ombre Colors

Weft Hair Extensions in Ombre and Highlight shades allow you to create professional, stylish looks without subjecting the hair to chemical treatments.
Available in 1 pcs pack of 40/45 cm (16/18 in.) and 50/55 cm (20/22 in.) lengths.

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  • Selected
    4/14 M. Brown / Light Golden Blond Copper
  • Selected
    6/27 M. Light Brown / Tobacco Blond
  • Selected
    18/24 M. Blond / Ash Blond
  • Selected
    12/DB2 M. Gold Blond Copper / Golden Light Blond
  • Selected
    27/140 M. Tobacco Blond / Platinum Blond
  • Selected
    140 M. Gold Blond / Light Blond
  • Selected
    1B/Silver O. Black / Silver
  • Selected
    4/14 O. Brown / Light Golden Blond Copper
  • Selected
    6/27 O. Light Brown / Tobacco Blond
  • Selected
    8/DB4 O. Natural Dark Blond / Dark Golden Blond
  • Selected
    10/20 O. Dark Blond Ash / Ultra Light Blond
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Weft Hair Extensions (hair weaving ) in Ombre and Highlights color options allow to unleash the creativity of any hair stylist thanks to the wide range of tones and solutions. From light effects to gradual lightening and balayage, the SEISETA Wefts bands always achieve long-lasting, professional results with an exceptional look thanks to the exclusive use of genuine Remy quality hair, whose cuticle always faces the same direction and feels strong and silky.


• 100% Natural Remy Hair
• Cut to size and Re-Usable
• Cuticles Intact
• Silicones free
• 3D Colors

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